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Technology is playing an ever increasing role in improving outcomes in the health and fitness industry.  Back Straight Massage has invested in such technology;

Bodystat Quadscan 4000

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The Bodystat Quadscan 4000 is the latest Bio Impedance Analyser which evaluates patients nutritional, hydration and cellular status. This gives it an extensive range of applications in the medical andquadScan1 allied health fields, and the sporting and fitness industry.

It has the advantage of measuring separate parts of the body (not limited to the whole body) which is it’s main value to Susan in the treatment of lymphoedema.

For the customer, it is a quick, simple and inexpensive process, which is ideal, as for most applications the value is in the trend line from multiple tests over a period of time.



The Quadscan measures /calculates;

  • Extracellular Water percentage and Extracellular Water Volume
  • Intracellular Water percentage and Intracellular Water Volume
  • Total Body Water percentage and Total Body Water
  • 3rd Space Water
  • Body Cell Mass (BCM)
  • Extracellular Water/Total Body WaterNutrition Index
  • Plus Normal percentage Levels
  • Body Fat percentage and Fat Weight
  • Lean Mass
  • Dry Lean Mass
  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
  • BMR/Total Weight
  • Average Daily Calorie Requirement
  • Waist/Hip Ratio
  • Body Mass Index – Plus Normal Range
  • Body Fat Mass Index (BFMI)
  • Fat-Free Mass Index (FFMI)
  • Prediction MarkerTM (Impedance Ratio)
  • Impedance Values at 5, 50, 100 and 200 kHz
  • Resistance 50 kHz
  • Reactance 50 kHz
  • Phase Angle 50 kHz



Clinical Applications for the QuadScan4000

BURNS – Large changes in body fat mass during the treatment of major burns injuries.

CANCER – Improving nutrition before surgery can decrease post-operative complications and length of stay.

CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE – Excessive fluid accumulation is associated with increased morbidity and prolonged convalescence after cardiopulmonary bypass.

COPD – Fat-free mass is an independent predictor of mortality irrespective of fat mass…supports the inclusion of body-composition assessment as a systematic marker of disease severity in COPD staging.

CRITICALLY ILL PATIENT – Critically ill patients retain fluid, up to 30 litres and more.

DIABETICS – Overweight and obesity are associated with the development of type 2 diabetes. Thus, it is important for clinicians to accurately measure and monitor the body composition of at-risk individuals and patients with diabetes.

DIALYSIS/NEPHROLOGY – As renal function declines salt & water retention worsens resulting in an increase in body weight due to an increase in water content.

DRUG DOSING – ”… the calculation of lean body mass (LBM) might be an important factor when determining drug doses as opposed to total body weight. This may avoid giving overweight patients a relative overdose of herapin..”

EATING DISORDERS – Bulimic patients with a past had lower percentage of body fat, lower muscle mass and higher percentage of extra-cellular fluid.

ELDERLY – Improved estimation of body composition in elderly subjects by use of age-specific prediction equations.

HIV/AIDS – Body composition testing can be used to monitor lipodystrophy and wasting, two problems associated with HIV.

HYDRATION STATUS/FLUID RETENTION – Measurement of extra-cellular and total body water provides useful information on the nutritional status of surgical patients and may be estimated

LYMPHEDEMA – Early intervention will reduce the long term consequences of Lymphedema post breast cancer.

MALNUTRITION/UNDERNUTRITION/NUTRITION – Malnutrition results in a loss of body cell mass (BCM) accompanied by an expansion of the extra-cellular mass (ECM).

NEONATES – Bioelectrical impedance analysis is a simple, non-invasive method of estimating total body water in neonates receiving intensive care. It can be applied to both the assessment of changes in body water and body composition.

OBESITY – Severe obesity is accompanied by large increases in fat mass and alterations in the composition of fat free mass, in particular total body water and its extra-cellular compartment.

OEDEMA – The Development of oedema after major abdominal surgery is associated with increased morbidity

PAEDIATRICS – Body composition in children is of increasing interest within the contexts of childhood obesity, clinical management of patients and nutritional programming as a pathway to adult disease.

PULMONARY OEDEMA – Impedance measurement may be useful in estimating lung water associated with lung injury following cardiopulmonary bypass.

REHABILITATION – Changes in body composition, as a consequence of dietary and exercise modification, contributed to the ”observed” improvement noted in weight-adjusted peak aerobic capacity following cardiac rehabilitation and exercise training.

SEGMENTAL – There is increased use of segmental impedance in the assessment of diseases that affect body fluid balance.

SURGERY – The development of oedema after major abdominal surgery is associated with increased morbidity. Age and the reduced ability to excrete administered fluid load are significant aetlological factors and bioimpedance analysis can potentially identify patients at risk.

Who can benefit from using the QuadScan4000?

Diuretics, accurate fluid monitoring and the inevitable decrease of lean muscle mass are all concerns for patients, nurses and doctors alike.

Bioelectrical Impedance Technology will meet all these needs non-invasively, giving accurate and reliable measurements for fluid, lean muscle mass, nutritional status and overall cellular health.

Bioelectrical Impedance Technology has been used successfully in dialysis wards to measure the volume of fluid over-hydration to help determine dry weight, as well as in IC wards to assess nutritional status, recovery rate and hydration levels.

In addition, the QuadScan4000 may be used to detect malnutrition in patients with normal or high body fat. Body cell mass can easily be obscured by an expansion of extracellular fluid which will not be detected by looking at an overall increase in total body weight.

Bodystat advantage for Sport & Health Centres

quadscan 3

Bodystat has long been used in fitness centres and gyms. It is the perfect tool to give you that ‘cut above the rest’. We know that as we lose weight, we might be increasing in muscle mass, however this will not be evident simply by weighing scales. The Bodystat device is able to give you an exact breakdown for fat, lean muscle and water, so you can see exactly where you are losing or gaining weight. This information is masked by the BMI (Body Mass Index) since BMI only uses total body weight and do not distinguish between fat and muscle.

When clients have this knowledge, you give them the motivation to continue with their fitness regime, since they will be able to see the subtle changes that are taking place within their body composition.

Segmental measures

Multi-frequency BIA technology has the advantage of performing measurements on specific sections of the body without the weight or other input data of the area being measured, yet is still able to obtain meaningful output data.

It is CHANGE in the marker that should be focused upon to determine the TREND over a period of time, either hours, days, weeks or months.

Bodyscan reports

An Extensive range of reports

Reports can be downloaded, printed and emailed





Vascular Compression Pumps



Sequential Intermittent Compression Therapy (SIPC) is the process of applying external pressure to the limbs to promote the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid to and from the extremities of the body.

It is used for the prevention and treatment of various vascular issues such as:vascular pump garment

  • lymphoedema
  • diabetic complications
  • chronic venous insufficiency
  • venous ulceration
  • lipoedema


How it works

Intermittent pneumatic compression mimics the body’s manual lymphatic drainage. By applying pressure to the surface of the limb it promotes the circulation of the blood/fluid throughout the body. Each chamber inflates and deflates sequentially starting from the extremity and moving towards the centre of the body.


Benefitsvscular pump

  • Large range of garment sizes
  • affordable – rent, try and buy options
  • can be used in the comfort of your home
  • great alternative to those who are unable to wear compression stockings
  • easy to put on with zipper attachments and extension pieces, and liners for easy cleaning
  • easy to operate with on/off switch and 3 program buttons
  • garments available for legs, arms and abdomen


These can be used at Back Straight Massage and Susan is able to measure for correct fitting and arrange purchase or renting of pump and garment, and assist with any information and advice.

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