Pregnancy Massage

pregExpectant mums experience unique physical and emotional changes that occur as a result of increased weight, shifting posture, and adjusting hormone levels.

While this is a beautiful period of heightened expectation and joy, mothers-to-be also endure heightened physical discomfort that ranges from muscular tension and headaches to pressure on nerves and joints.

Prenatal massage is a natural, touch therapy treatment aimed at alleviating these and other pregnancy related symptoms.

Prenatal massage offers a wide range of benefits, which include the following:

Eases backaches, headaches, shoulder and neck aches that may be caused by muscle tension and shifts in posture to accommodate increasing weight
Decreases pain in the pelvic/hip area
Increases circulation
Improves skin elasticity that can help reduce stretch marks
Helps reduce swelling of hands and lower legs
Promotes relaxation
improved sleep
faster recovery of energy and muscle tone after birth
Massage therapy can also be a therapeutic treatment after pregnancy as your body returns to its normal state.

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