Lymphoedema treatment

Lymphoedema is caused by a failure of the lymphatic system to adequately collect and remove proteins from the fluids of body tissues, resulting in long term swelling and oedema.

Whereas it can be genetic, it is more often a result of node removal or immune dysfunction through trauma / injury such as cancer, surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, arthritic inflammation and deep vein thrombosis.

Early symptoms may include:


  • transient swelling of a limb or other region of the body
  • aching, heaviness, stiffness, limitation of movement, tightness or temperature changes.
  • Clothing, jewellery or shoes may feel tighter

There is no known cure for lymphoedema but there are ways to manage it, including;

  • lymphatic drainage massage
  • compression garments
  • good skin care
  • gentle exercise

Lipodema is a variation of lymphoedema which is genetic and only found in females and was highlighted on ‘The Project’ news show in June 2016. It is a fat disorder where there is no fluid but adipose tissue cells, mainly on the thighs, abdomen, chest and arms.

Lymphatic massage is a longer, gentler form of massage, which assists the body to increase the lymphatic flow of the excess proteins back to the blood circulation, where they are processed by the kidney and liver then removed by normal bodily function.

These treatments are designed to reduce and control swelling, improve the range of movement of the affected area and prevent infections.

It can also be used for other immune breakdown problems, where the immune system is not functioning properly in relieving fluid congestion, and can promote wound healing, help relieve stress and anxiety, chronic fatigue and rheumatoid arthritis.

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