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Scientifically proven and patented design, comfortable and effective in assisting lymphoedema, lipoedema, other oedema and lymphatic issues, lactic acid, aching legs, vascular conditions, post surgery and rehabilitation. Great for everyday wear, active wear, and used by athletes eg cyclists and runners

 I specialize in the treatment of lymphoedema and lipoedema and work in the field most of my waking hours. I also have the condition, not as developed as many of my clients, however enough to have first-hand knowledge of what it is like to live with this and other swelling issues.

Therefore, we know therapy garments have not been available in Australia that are effective, comfortable and of quality. So, I am pleased to introduce the Bioflect range of garments which tick all those boxes. I wear them, my clients wear them, we have now imported and distributed many garments throughout Australia, and the feedback has been great.

I recommend them.

Susan Butcher, Owner of Lymphatic Services Australia and Back Straight Massage


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compression-arm-sleeves-wrapBioflect® FIR Therapy Lymphedema Micromassage Compression Arm Sleeves Wrap

The Bioflect Arm Sleeve Wrap activates the micro circulation to improve lymphatic drainage, helping to reduce inflammation, swelling and heaviness. The design ensures all day comfort with the added feature of crossing over the shoulder preventing the garment from slipping down.

Made with silver ions, this bacteriostatic fabric inhibits bacteria and odour formation, making it ideal for everyday use.
Can be worn when exercising. Has helped damaged fibrosis tissue and lymphatic vessels. It is a good alternative to arm sleeve compression in Lipoedema patients, with a variety of sizes accommodating most arms. The stretch in the weave allows movement for large upper arms.

Can be worn under compression arm sleeves in Lymphoedema patients or as a night garment.

Colours available – black or sand.



pro leggings

Bioflect® Pro Lymphoedema Leggings with Open Toe

This full length open toe garment assists with tissue softening and lymphatic movement and recommended when cuffing occurs around the ankles.
The Pro Leggings with Open Toe has a slightly thicker seam with gives a firmer appearance to the weave.
This garment is a great alternative to compression garments where there is fibrotic tissue involvement, for people with sensitive skin and for people who are unable to tolerate medical grade compression.
The garment is also easier to don and is therefore suitable for people with arthritis and other conditions where strength is compromised.
Both Pro Leggings with Open Toe and Support Leggings are suitable for sleeping in as well as every day wear.
We recommend the Pro Leggings with Open Toe for people over 155cm. If you are shorter than 155cm, the Leggings can be used in the same manner as the Pro Leggings.

Colours available – Black or nude




Bioflect® FIR Therapy Lymphedema Micromassage Compression Support Leggings

Support Leggings end at the ankle and used for people not requiring coverage of the feet.
We would typically recommend the Pro Legging Open Toe if people have cuffing at the ankle eg Lipoedema.
Can sometimes be used as a Pro Legging if height under 155cm.
In hot climates both the Support Legging and Pro legging can be worn to bed.

Colours available – black or nude.




Bioflect® FIR Therapy Lymphedema Micromassage Compression Shorts

Bioflect Shorts have the same weave pattern and benefits as the Capri, Support Legging and Pro Legging. They fit similar to bike shorts above the knee, comfortable to wear under clothing and a great alternative to bike shorts or skins.
Assists with lymphatic flow and softening of skin/scar tissue in the upper leg and groin area.

Colours available – black or nude.




Bioflect® FIR Therapy Lymphedema Micromassage Compression Capri Pants

Used where adipose tissue build up is to the knee only.

Will improve lymphatic flow and softening of tissue above the knee, and can be worn in conjunction with below knee compression stockings and garments. Capri pants are ideal for exercising and for those people not required to be in full length garments yet still providing the same benefits as the Support Leggings and Pro Leggings.

Colours available – black or nude.




Bioflect® FIR Therapy Lymphedema Micromassage Vest with Posture Support

Multi-functional compression vest with corrective posture support.

Effective for Lymphoedema management of the breast post surgery. Can assist with scar tissue softening from both breast and abdomen.
Helps to reduce inflammation and swelling sometimes associated with auto-immune problems. The vest is also valid support for cellulite/adipose tissue in Lipoedema.

Fits most shapes.

Has proven to assist in the recovery from;

  • Mastectomy surgery.
  • Lumpectomy.
  • Breast reconstruction surgery.

And improve;

  • Scar tissue of the abdominal region.
  • Lymphatic dysfunction of the chest wall.

Features a 2-inch anti roll hem and along the back the vest features knit in posture support bands that gently pull the shoulders back and support proper posture alignment. The generous length of the vest ensures coverage of the hip region.

Colours available – beige or black.






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